Marine Green and Recycle Clean

David Goldman

Marine Green and Recycle Clean

Our main mission is to bring you the highest quality marine vinyl at affordable rates, but how we do that is equally important. We want to help keep this planet green and clean. This is why we do our best to create as little waste as possible.

At we recycle all our cardboard, plastic and wooden crates. Any marine vinyl scraps are repurposed for samples or are donated to a local school for arts and crafts projects. It takes time to properly sort our “waste” into proper piles, but we know as a company that it’s the right thing to do to help make the world a better place.


It’s also important for us to find partners that also share the same values and go out of their way to leave a small footprint on the environment. Our cardboard tube supplier uses recycled material. We make sure to purchase shipping bags that are recyclable. And most importantly we makes sure our marine vinyl manufacturer uses state of the art technology to prevent harmful byproducts like releasing harmful smog into the environment. We don’t want to pollute our airways or waterways and as a result we go out of our way to create as little waste as possible.

Another way we support a green environment is by donating a portion of every sale to a marine conservation effort. At we feel it is our duty to leave the world cleaner for future generations to enjoy. This year we have chosen to donate money to the Marine Mammal Center to help feed and protect the wildlife within the ocean. Animals every day are threatened by harsh oil spills, floating trash and other debris that invade their habitats. This trash is killing off entire ecosystems and species. Every sale will help make the world a better place. Every year we will support a different cause to keep the world cleaner and more peaceful. Let us know in the comments what causes you would like to see supported in the future. Remember a happy clean world is a peaceful world.

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