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Clear Vinyl - Flexa 

Flexa Clear Vinyl is double polished for Crystal Clear viewing (54", 72" and 90" Wide). $1.99/Yard (Save More On Full Rolls). Its top-notch Marine Grade quality that is UV Treated, 

Waterproof, Durable, Flexible, and Cuts Easily. Perfect for Flexible Windows, Porch Enclosures, Greenhouses, Boat/Auto Windows, Barriers, Table Coverings, and Doggy Doors. Clear Marine Vinyl is available in 4, 8, 10, 12, 16, 20, 30, 40, 60, and 80 Gauge Thickness. Use our thickness guide below to help you choose the best thickness for your project. Highest Quality at the Best Prices.

"By the yard" purchases will be a continuous roll up to the full roll length for the gauge specified.

Flexa Clear Vinyl This product is our top seller and is the best quality for the value. It's extremely clear, extremely durable and holds up great in both the outdoor and indoor environments and is our #1 selling item. Since we manufacture this product we have total control of the quality and make sure it outperforms and outshines in every possible way. 

Blemished Clear Vinyl has some minor bubbling, distortion and possible rub lines through the vinyl. It's our most cost-effective product and works great for greenhouses and applications that do not need perfect clarity. During the manufacturing process there are occasionally rolls that simply do not meet our high expectations of quality. As a result we get left with some rolls that we consider blemished. We know not every project needs perfection and as a result we discount these rolls for you. Blemished Clear Vinyl is sold as is and not eligible for refunds, or returns and has no warranty.

Flame Retardant These items have the same clarity as our other clear vinyls. Items that indicate flame retardant simply have an extra additive mixed into the vinyl making it so it will comply with building codes for improved fire safety typically for commercial use. Our regular product will simply melt when exposed to flames, but with the additive it melts slower. This in no way impacts the clarity of the product or changes the clear vinyl in any other way.

Safety Many people ask us if this item is safe to use as a table cover or for kids to be around. This product is CSPIA compliant which means its lead and Phthalate free and safe for kids. This is the same test used for children's toys to ensure it is safe. 


Patio Enclosures is one of our most popular uses for our clear vinyl due to its clarity and durability. Many people want to keep pollen, snow, and cold weather out of their porches. It's a simple project to cut our clear vinyl to size to cover your openings. Most of our customers save thousands of dollars by using clear vinyl instead of glass windows. It helps reduce noise and temperatures. The most common thickness used for this application is 30 and 40 gauge. Want some helpful tips on how to build a porch enclosure Need help to figure out how much clear vinyl you need for your project? Try our new Clear Vinyl Project Calculator.

Greenhouse Clear Vinyl

Need to cover your garden, chicken coop or build a large greenhouse. Flexa Clear vinyl comes in 54" wide rolls and larger 72" and 90" wide rolls. Our rolls come in long continuous lengths making it easy to cover both small or large openings. Our clear vinyl formula has UV protection built into it to make it last longer outdoors. Many people use our 20 gauge, 30 gauge and even 40 gauge for this use.

Table Coverings

We have many customers who use our clear vinyl to protect their tables and furniture. People will use our thinner vinyl to have it drape down the sides of a table like a tablecloth. People will use 8 Gauge, 10 Gauge and 12 gauge for this application. Many other people prefer to cut the vinyl to the shape of the table. People use our 60 and 80 gauge for this application. Some people will even cut out the material to the shape of pots to place under plants.

Boat Windows

Boat Windows always need to be replaced as all clear vinyl will at some point dry out. The plasticizers in the vinyl break down from the sun and eventually get brittle and yellow. This is natural and happens to all clear vinyl regardless of the quality. Some may last slightly longer than others, but will eventually all have the same fate. Most people use 30 and 40-gauge clear vinyl for this use. Our Flexa clear vinyl is press polished which makes the clarity amazing. It also uses a state-of-the-art manufacturing process using water bath technology allowing the vinyl to cool faster during the manufacturing process minimizing air bubbles. We also sell a premium clear vinyl Flexa Pro+ that has less shrinking and optimal clarity. Both options work well for this use, but sometimes it depends on your budget as the premium product is a lot more expensive.  

Carpet and Flooring Protection 

Many people also like to protect the carpet from animals that like to use it as a toilet. Many people also like to use it to protect hardwood floors. This isn't a rigid vinyl so it's not ideal for use under roller chairs on carpet. Most people will use our 80 gauge to place under workout equipment.

Convertible and Jeep Window Replacements

If you want an affordable temporary window we recommend using our 30 and 40-gauge clear vinyl. Some people will sew or even tape this in place. You typically only need 1 yard for this application making it a very affordable option. We also offer our Flexa Pro+ clear vinyl which is a bit pricier, but is the actual product used by the car manufacturers. It has amazing clarity and works great for this use. 

Broken Windows / Construction Windows

Have a car window, a house window that was accidentally broken? Will it take a while to get a replacement properly installed? Use Flexa Clear Vinyl as a temporary option to allow you to still let light in and the elements out. Many contractors also use our product to allow light into their new construction builds so workers can work in better conditions. It also keeps the cold weather out making it a great option for temporary windows while new windows are waiting to be installed. 


Please note this material should sit out unrolled before use as it will shrink. It can shrink anywhere from 2-5%. It can shrink more in extremely warm and heated environments. It should not be stored in hot attics or other places with extremely warm temperatures as that can cause more shrinking.

Remove all packaging paper upon receiving your roll, this includes the brown paper used to re-roll your product. Failure to remove paper may cause damage or cloudiness to the vinyl clarity. Stand the vinyl upright whenever possible to prevent pressure marks in the vinyl. The pressure marks will appear foggy and distorted. When the product is not in use it is best to store the clear vinyl either rolled standing up vertically or hanging. Vinyl should never be stored with the paper or any other item. 


It is best to use dish soap and water to clean the clear vinyl. 

Prop 65 Disclaimer

Length 54" (Length x Width) 72" (Length x Width)
1 Yard 36"x54" 36"x72"
2 Yards 72"x54" 72"x72"
3 Yards 108"x54" 108"x72"
4 Yards 144"x54" 144"x72"
5 Yards 180"x54" 180"x72"
6 Yards 216"x54" 216"x72"
7 Yards 252"x54" 252"x72"
8 Yards 288"x54" 288"x72"
9 Yards 324"x54" 324"x72"
10 Yards 360"x54" 360"x72"
11 Yards 396"x54" 396"x72"
12 Yards 432"x54" 432"x72"
13 Yards 468"x54" 468"x72"
14 Yards 504"x54" 504"x72"
15 Yards 540"x54" 540"x72"
16 Yards 576"x54" 576"x72"
17 Yards 612"x54" 612"x72"
18 Yards 648"x54" 648"x72"
19 Yards 684"x54" 684"x72"
20 Yards 720"x54" 720"x72"
Length 54" (Length x Width) 72" (Length x Width)
4 Gauge 7200"(200 Yards) x 54" Not Available
8 Gauge 3600"(100 Yards) x 54" Not Available
10 Gauge 4320"(120 Yards) x 54" 3600"(100 Yards) x 72"
12 Gauge 3600"(100 Yards) x 54" Not Available
16 Gauge 2952"(82 Yards) x 54" Not Available
20 Gauge 2232"(62 Yards) x 54" 1872"(52 Yards) x 72"
30 Gauge 792"(22 Yards) x 54" 2232"(33 Yards) x 72"
40 Gauge 720"(20 Yards) x 54" 900"(25 Yards) x 72"
60 Gauge 792"(22 Yards) x 54" Not Available
80 Gauge 360"(10 Yards) x 54" Not Available
Thickness Measurement Uses
4 Gauge (Thinnest)
0.10mm (4 Mil) 0.00394" This is our thinnest vinyl and is commonly used for table coverings, school bulletin board covers and art projects
8 Gauge
0.20mm (8 Mil) 0.00787402" This is commonly used for table coverings, school bulletin board covers, shower curtains, furniture covers, art projects, tent windows and bags.
10 Gauge Thickness of most shower curtains
0.25mm (10 Mil) 0.01" (1/100) This Clear Vinyl is often used for porch enclosures that need to be installed with spline. This is also used for abrriers, table coverings, school bulletin board covers, shower curtains, furniture covers, tent windows, clear stadium bags, art projects, bags.
12 Gauge 0.30mm (12 Mil) 0.012" (3/250) This clear vinyl is slightly thicker than the 10 Gauge clear vinyl. It is also often used in porch enclosures that need to be installed with spline. This is also used for barriers, table coverings, school bulletin board covers, shower curtains, furniture covers, art projects, tent windows, clear stadium bags, bag liners and purses.
16 Gauge 1/2 credit card thickness
0.40mm (16 Mil) 0.016" (2/125) This has been a popular option for safety barriers. This is a cheaper option for windows and porch enclosures that need spline. This is a great option for greenhouses as well. It's a thinner product which makes it more pliable. It's also a little cheaper and lighter weight which makes it a good option for people with a tight budget. This is also used for barriers, table coverings, school bulletin board covers, shower curtains, furniture covers, art projects, tent windows, clear stadium bags, bag liners and purses. Good for stretching across greenhouse frame.
18 Gauge 0.45mm (18 Mil) 0.018" (9/500) The clear 18 gauge sometimes feels like a lost middle child. It's less popular than the 16 Gauge and 20 Gauge. For people who want a product really close to a 20G this is fractionally thinner and is a little cheaper option for you. This is also used for barriers, table coverings, school bulletin board covers, shower curtains, furniture covers, art projects, tent windows, clear stadium bags, bag liners and purses. Good for stretching across greenhouse frame.
20 Gauge 2/3 credit card thickness
0.50mm (20 Mil) 0.02" (1/50) This Clear Vinyl is often used in porch enclosures that need to be installed with spline. This is also used for barriers (good for gym barriers), table coverings, school bulletin board covers, shower curtains, furniture covers, art projects, tent windows and purses. Good for stretching across greenhouse frame.
30 Gauge Thickness of credit card
0.75mm (30 Mil) 0.03" (3/100) This clear vinyl's thickness is approximately the same thickness as a credit card. This is our top selling item for porch enclosures (stapled, grommets, screws/nails). It's also great for barriers, golf cart windows, RV camper tent windows, seat covers, and greenhouse coverings. Good for stapling or screwing into greenhouse frames.
40 Gauge 1.00mm (40 Mil) 0.04" (1/25) This is one of our thickest and affordable vinyls. If you want to retain more heat in your porch this is perfect for you (stapled, grommets, screws/nails). It's also great for Barriers, Biminis, Marine enclosures, sail windows, dodgers, jeep/convertible windows, carpet/floor protection. This is our most popular option for boat marine enclosures. Good for stapling or screwing into greenhouse frames.
60 Gauge Thickness of penny
1.50mm (60 Mil) 0.06" (1/16) The 60 Gauge is a very popular option for boat enclosures. It's thicker and more heavy duty. It's also used as barriers. Since it's thicker it's really good at making porch enclosures warmer. It's also great for Barriers, Biminis, Marine enclosures, sail windows, dodgers, jeep/convertible windows, carpet/floor protection. Good for stapling or screwing into frames. Good for table top protection pad cut to tabletop size (not for draping down).
80 Gauge (Thickest) Thickness of door key
2.00mm (80 Mil) 0.08" (2/25) The 80 Gauge is our thickest vinyl. Since it's also thicker it's really good at making porch enclosures warmer. It's also great for floor protection as it is heavier and lays flat better. This is also a popular option for Pet Doors. It's also great for Barriers, Biminis, Marine enclosures, sail windows, dodgers, jeep/convertible windows, carpet/floor protection. Good for stapling or screwing into greenhouse frames. Good for table top protection pad cut to tabletop size (not for draping down). Also used in heavy duty warehouse door flaps.
ROLL WIDTH 54" and 72"

How Do I Order Clear Marine Vinyl?

This item is sold by the linear yard or full roll. Select the product you need in the drop-down menu. Select "By The Yard" if you don't want a full roll. This will come in one continuous piece. It is sold as a linear yard. 1 yard would be 36" inches long by 54" or 72" wide which can also be seen in the product selected. 2 yards would be 72" long by 54" or 72" wide. etc. See the Length Guide for additional examples. If you want a full roll, select that option instead. You usually get a better discount on a full roll. Once you select the product change the "Quantity" to how many yards or rolls you need and add the items to your cart.

What is Clear Vinyl?

Clear Vinyl is 54" or 72" Wide and is Double Polished For Crystal Clear Viewing. Prices as low as $2.75 Per Yard. It's Easy to Cut and Sew and is Perfect for Windows, Porch Enclosures, Boat/Auto Windows, Barriers, Table Coverings and Much More. Comes in 10, 12, 16, 20, 30, 40, 60 and 80 Gauge thickness. It is a PVC plastic that is extruded out of a machine into different thicknesses or gauges. It is flexible, durable and highly transparent. Not all clear vinyl is created equal. Some clear vinyl can have distortion, waves and air bubbles. Some clear vinyl may be opaque and not be see through like a painter’s tarp commonly found at Home Depot. We pride ourselves on having some of the highest level of optically clarity clear vinyl in the marketplace. Our product is manufactured with a patent pending water bath technology that cools the product faster creating incredible visibility. It’s not perfect, but it’s really impressive.

What makes Clear Marine Vinyl different from Regular Vinyl?

Clear Vinyl can also have additional additives added to it to give it different properties. Things like color additives, UV stabilizers, Cold Crack stabilizers and Fire Retardant are only some of the many additives that can be used to make some clear vinyl’s different than regular vinyl’s.

What is Clear Vinyl Made Of?

There are also different types of plasticizers that can be used to make clear vinyl. These plasticizers are important to consider. Many of the plasticizers can contain lead and phthalates many which can be harmful. We make sure to use a DOTP plasticizer which is the safest in the market which is lead and phthalate free. Another difference that can be found between different clear vinyl’s is the PHR value. This number determines how hard or soft the plastic will come on the roll. Some plastics can be stiff and less flexible than others. We have found a PHR of 44 works best for most people but different companies use different PHR values.

What are your tinted vinyl specifications How much light passes through the tinted vinyl?

The tinted vinyl reduces the light passing through it differently based on thickness.

10G Tinted (0.25 mm) | VLT Visible light transmission 50.2% | UVR UV blooking rate 92.6% | IRR Infrared rejection rate 32.2%

20G Tinted (0.50 mm) | VLT Visible light transmission 53.9% | UVR UV blooking rate 96.8% | IRR Infrared rejection rate 29.8%

30G Tinted (0.75 mm) | VLT Visible light transmission 48.5% | UVR UV blooking rate 98.3% | IRR Infrared rejection rate 33.4%

Does Fire Retardant keep clear vinyl from melting?

No clear vinyl will still melt in high heat environments. The Fire Retardant makes it safer for indoor and outdoor applications preventing fires from spreading quickly. Many commercial building codes require this higher level of fire retardant to keep people safe.

Can double polished clear vinyl come wider than 72 inches?

We have talked to over 100 manufacturers and they have all told us they simply don't make machines large enough to produce larger vinyl. It took us years to find a factory that could produce the 72" vinyl. The only way to make it larger is to make it incredibly thin like a painters tarp you would find at a Home Depot which is not suitable for windows. The other way to make it wider is to heat seal the panels together which is not seamless and requires a $50,000 machine.

What is the thickest clear vinyl?

80 Gauge is the thickest clear vinyl we offer. Clear vinyl and plastic is measured differently than metal. The smaller the gauge for clear vinyl the thinner. The higher the number the thicker. Will clear vinyl shrink? Clear Vinyl will shrink about 1-3%. Overtime the plasticizers inside the vinyl dry out. As that happens it causes the vinyl to slightly shrink and tighten up. High heat environments will usually cause it to dry out a little faster (Example: storing it in a hot attic). The clear vinyl will also shrink a little after it is unrolled for the first time. The manufacturing machines wind the rolls so tightly they need about 24 hours to relax to remove the stress built up in the roll. If the product is stored in a hot area like an attic the product can shrink almost 2"-4" as it dries the product out even faster.

What are the benefits to clear vinyl?

Extremely Clear, UV Resistant, Water Resistant, Highly Flexible, Durable and Strong and Easy To Clean

How do you clean clear vinyl?

At a high level dish soap and warm water will work, there are also some products like 303 Clear vinyl cleaner/protectant, and our top choice IMAR Cleaners. DO NOT use harsh cleaners like Windex or bleach as those cleaners will harm the vinyl. Start by cleaning with a soft cloth with mild dish detergent to make warm soapy water. If needed you can purchase vinyl cleaner and restorative products from 3M or 303 Marine for additional cleaning needs.

What is the best way to store clear vinyl?

When storing your vinyl products first make sure the vinyl is clean and dry. For best results roll material back onto the cardboard tube it was shipped to you on. DO NOT put any packaging materials or paper interleaved with the vinyl. Store the rolled up product in a climate controlled environment in a vertical position.

What is clear vinyl used for?

Marine/Boat Enclosure Windows, Porch/Patio Enclosures, Safety Barriers (office, counters, gym/warehouse dividers, Greenhouses, Restaurant Enclosures, Golf Cart and UTV Enclosures, Tent/yurt windows, Table Coverings/Pads, School Bulletin Board Covers, Shower Curtains, Furniture Covers, Art Projects, Clear Stadium Bags, Bag Liners and Purses, Pet Doors, Chicken Coops, Cleanrooms and any other window applications.

What is the difference between Mils, MM, Gauge and Inches?

Mils and Gauges are often times used interchangeably. Technically speaking they are fractionally different. Mils are usually 6-12% thicker than a gauge. Since more people look for clear vinyl by “Gauge” we promote it as gauge, but we always make the vinyl to be the same thickness or slightly more as if it were a Mil. We like to over deliver as much as possible. The truest measurement we use is millimeters. The Thickness Guide above translates our gauges into millimeters for people as it’s the truest most accurate number for our vinyl. Saying that clear vinyl is an expandable product so it’s never exactly the same thickness, but we do check every batch to ensure accuracy and consistency as close as possible.

This clear marine vinyl is double polished for optimal clarity. It is manufactured using water bath technology which is a method used to produce extremely clear vinyl. This Clear Vinyl also holds up in extremely cold conditions with a -40F Cold Crack.

*30, 40, 60, 80 Gauge (Blemished / Defective) - These rolls have small blemishes caused by air bubbles getting trapped in the roll during production causing some distortion peridicolly through the roll. Overall it it is very clear and great quality. The imperfections are not extremely noticeable, but it is not 100% to our standards. It doesn't meet our standards of clarity for our premium product line. This is sold "as is" with no refunds.

The Clear Choice For Clear Vinyl

This clear vinyl is double polished for optimal clarity and is perfect for windows and porch enclosures. This product is UV treated (500+ hours) and is built for the outdoors. This vinyl cuts and sews easily. This product is very durable, flexible and waterproof. It also has a cold crack rating of -40F (CFFA - 6A). This product can also be printed. The tinted vinyl reduces the amount of light passing through it by 50%.

Clear Vinyl Siding


Easily Rolls - Easily Installed - No Problem


Extreme Winds, Extreme Cold - No Problem

Super Clear

Double Polished, Crystal Clear - No Problem

Clear Vinyl Tips

This material will slightly shrink over time (roughly 1-3%). It is best to unroll the roll slightly and let the material rest overnight before measuring and cutting to give the material a chance to slightly relax. Some rolls come with paper between each layer to help make the material easier to handle. Do not store the roll with this paper as it can cause the vinyl to become foggy and distorted. Do Not Store in high heat areas like an attic or shed.

Window Installation Tips: A heat gun or steamer will soften the vinyl to help get a nice clean stretch for your window applications. Some people install the vinyl with grommets, washers, and screws, while others build wood frames and staple the vinyl directly to the frame.

If you have any questions about how much vinyl you need or what thickness will work best for your project or you need some tips for installation of your clear vinyl give us a call at 312-300-6737 and our vinyl experts can help answer your questions. This blog post we created also has helpful Clear Vinyl Tips.

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Mark F.
United States

Clear Vinyl

The vinyl is high quality and worked well as a storm window fabric.

David E.
United States United States

Very clear but too limp for lamp shades

I was hoping it had more stiffness

Elizabeth B.
United States United States

Perfect for a shower curtain

This was perfect for my needs. I have a claw foot tub and have struggled with finding a waterproof curtain that fits height and length wise. This was perfect. I didn’t have to cut it at all, I just installed some grommets and shower curtain hooks and it’s worked great.

Valerie S.
United States United States

Awesome product

It was easy to install. This was my third Time ordering I will definitely be looking here to order again soon

John a.
United States United States

marine vinyl

Hi,I was very impressed how durable this product is and the clarity is excellent.Very high quality.Thanks,John

Susan R.
United States United States

Really good quality!!

I'm very glad I found this business. We bought a new house in Florida with a Florida-room. It had windows with vinyl but very all and damaged. I changed it with the want I got from here and.... Let me tell you, it looks awesome!! Some neighbors gave complements and asked me where I got it. Easy to install, at least for me because already have the channels. I also install screen so I can have for summer and winter (when I close the windows). I recommend.

Richard M.
United States United States

Two thumbs up

Excellent in all ways. I’ll definitely use your company if I have a future need Thanks

Shannon B.
United States United States

Excellent Product

Excellent Product

Kevin D.
United States United States


Have an old FL. Room here in FL. 10 panels were ripped and i.replaved with vinyl. It was easy,affordable and I recieved my order quickly. Will buy again to do other windows..Thank you guys, this stuff is hard to find.

Tibor T.
United States United States

80 gauge clear vinyl rolls

Shipping great and fast. Material thick enough to cover greenhouse. It’s flexible and easy to cut and melt ends together with heat gun. Big test going to be during winter time. I hope it will not brittle and break apart come spring like it did with other materials I used from Home Depot. . Thanks MarineVinyl. So far I’m very happy with the product.

John M.
United States United States

5 Star referral

I hope I get the chance to refer to others! The delivery was timely and product was A+. I priced it out online & locally and this was by far the best deal!

natalia b.
United States United States

First Time was the charm!

The Vinyl we purchased did exactly what we needed it to do. Thank you so much!

Todd C.
United States United States

awesome product

We purchased this for use in a non-traditional use. We used this sheeting to protect our new counter-tops at our parts counter. It was exactly what we needed.

James J.
United States United States

The product quality, service, billing and shipping were just as I expected. Thanks!

The product quality, service, billing and shipping were just as I expected. Thanks!

Casey M.
United States United States

satisfied customer

great product and service

John P.
United States United States

Love it!

I really love this product. It is easy to work with and looks great for my project.