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Flexa Marine Vinyl Fabric

    Flexa Marine Vinyl is specially manufactured only for This material is built for quality and flexibility. The fabrics in the market today fall into two categories. Thin lightweight vinyl and stiff heavy duty marine vinyl. The thin cheap light weight vinyl is never of good quality and would fall apart with minor wear and tear, while the thick marine vinyl is very durable but can be difficult to stretch for upholstery work. That's when we realized we needed to manufacture Flexa Marine Vinyl. This product stretches nicely, but is built for quality. We wanted to make sure it could handle everyday commercial use so we made sure our Marine Grade Vinyl could withstand over 30,000 double rubs. 





    White Marine Vinyl Fabric Rolls


    Our Discount Wholesale Marine Vinyl Fabric is the perfect material to protect your valuables from harmful UV Rays. Now you can feel confident that your boat seats and other outdoor furniture will not lose those bright vibrant colors. The backing of our material is knit back making it stronger and perfect for boat seats, and other outdoor craft projects.

    To keep the buying process simple for you, all of our material is the same texture weight and thickness*. That means no matter what color Marine Vinyl you choose you can count on consistency. All of our Marine Grade Vinyl Fabric is 30 gauges (0.8 mm) thick. We have found that this gauge makes the material pliable, but durable. Anything lighter can get damaged and anything heavier makes the marine vinyl more difficult to properly stretch. This fabric is of great quality and is really easy to sew, staple and stretch.

    We know you want great product at discount rates. Our Marine Fabric is waterproof, scratch resistant and perfect for your budget.

    Product Details

      • Dimensions
        • 1 Yard = 36"x54" (Inches)
        • 2 Yard = 72"x54" (Inches)
        • Vinyl comes in one continuous piece* 
      • UV Protected & Fade Resistant: 200+ Hours
      • Backing: Polyester Knit Back
      • Gauge: 30
      • Thickness: (.8 mm)
      • Waterproof Fabric
      • Elastic Strength
      • Scratch Resistant


        Certified for Prop 65, ROHS Compliant, CPSIA Compliant


        Boat Seats, Car Seats, Purses, Bank Bags, Gym Mats, Grill Covers, Barstool Seating, RV seating, RV Wind Skirts,  Tire Covers, Bank Bags, Punching Bags, Bibs, Upholstery, Outdoor furniture, headboards, Workout Equipment, Easy Clean Baby Changing Tables, Belts, Soft Kids Play Blocks, Kids Smocks, Easy Clean Aprons, Hospital Waiting Room Chairs, Hospital Exam Tables, Airport Terminal Seats, Restaurant Booths, Theater Seats, Massage Tables.... 

         *Larger rolls might include splits. Any order over 40 yards will come in multiple rolls.

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