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Now your Flexa Marine vinyl can have the perfect matching piping. This Marine Vinyl Welt Cord Piping is used for boat seat upholstery and is used to create a stylish finished look to your boat seat. Our piping is made in our warehouse and from Flexa marine vinyl fabric giving you the perfect color match. It's UV treated and mold and mildew resistant. Please note due to differences in lighting the picture colors may appear to be a different color shade but it is indeed the same color as our Flexa Marine Vinyl.

WARNING: Prop 65 Disclaimer


  • UV TREATED: 500 Hours (AATCC 16.3 XENON)
  • Double Rub Count: 250,000 (ASTM D4157)
  • Welt Cord: Hollow PE Welt Cord
  • Length: Sold by the linear foot
  • Total Width: 11/16 inch
  • Piping Width: 3/32 or 5/32 inch
  • Max Feet Per Roll: 90 feet
  • Brand: Flexa

How Do I Order Piping?

  • This item is sold by the linear foot. 1 foot would be 12 inches long. 2 feet would be 24" long.

Which size piping should I get?

  • The 3/32 piping is thinner compared to the 5/32 piping. If you are unsure which one will work better for your project feel free to order a sample and we can send you a small sample.

Why does the marine piping have slits cut into it?

  • The slits in the marine piping are there to make it easier to bend around curves



Matching Upholstery Available Starting Only $6.75


Piping can make any seat look fabulous. Select from a dozen vibrant colors to give any boat seat that pop of color. Add a pop of color around the trim of your seat and you turned your seat into a custom work of art. Piping around the edges of your seat adds the professional touch you want with your project. Don't waste your time cutting the vinyl and sewing the cording. Simply buy this high quality piping that will already match your project. We use a plastic cording to ensure it will hold up in any outdoor environment. At only $0.65 a foot it's a bargain. Our piping uses the highest quality glue to make sure you don't have any thread lines to hide. It also has pre slit lines to make it easier to curve around edges more smoothly. Save yourself time and money today with matching Flexa Marine Vinyl Piping