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This Custom Printed Vinyl Fabric is as easy as uploading your own image or design. Make or find an image you want to print and upload it. You can create your own image or buy one. This custom printed vinyl by the yard also comes in more miniature printed sheets, mini rolls, and half yards. Use the Flexa Personalization tool to adjust repeating patterns, image scaling and tweak coloring.

Our print quality is amazing and it's all printed in-house on our Flexa Marine Vinyl. This premium-quality vinyl is extremely durable and easy to work with. It's roughly 1mm thick and has a polyester knit backing. This product is unlike most other types of vinyl on the market as it holds stitches, can be machine washed, and has a soft hand feel making it easy to work with. It is also CSPIA compliant making it safe for kids. 

Use our custom-printed marine vinyl for upholstery, bags, table coverings, padded gym mats, embroidery, applique, In the hoop, wallets, bookmarks, hair bows, and many other items.