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The ultimate BT-92 Bonded Polyester indoor/outdoor thread. Color thread comes in spools 1,035 yards and the clear thread comes in spools 1,700 yards long.

Please Note: Thread color is not a perfect match, but pairs nicely with our vinyl.


  • 100% polyester — Excellent resistance to ultraviolet rays, microorganisms, and mildew and is ideal for canvas products and outdoor furniture; excellent resistance to acids and other chemicals
  • Controlled processing — Excellent sewability with less pucker; provides optimum operator and sewing machine efficiencies
  • Bonded — Excellent sewability in the tough to sew operations; resist abrasion from needles and also external forces better than non-bonded polyester
  • Specifically engineered — Available in a wide range of sizes and finishes to suit numerous applications
  • Higher specific gravity — More yardage per bobbin
  • Continuous filament construction — No slubs or linting — clean sewing
  • Colorfast — Excellent dry cleaning and laundering durability
  • High strength to size value — Strong, neat seams
  • Low moisture regain — Resists moisture absorption
  • Low conductivity of electrical charges — Very good insulator


Will the marine vinyl thread match my vinyl?

  • The thread color is not a perfect match, but pairs nicely with our vinyl.

What size needle should I use with Marine Vinyl?

How do I sew Marine Vinyl?

  • Make sure to adjust the tension properly.
  • Use double sided tape instead of pins.
  • Make sure you space the holes out. Holes that are too close together can cause the material to tear easily
  • Feel free to check out these tips: Tips to Sew With Marine Vinyl
  • You can also get other helpful tips on YouTube

Matching Upholstery Available - Only $6.75


The ultimate high performance sewing thread, made from 100% bonded polyester, offering excellent chemical, heat and UV-resistance. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Great for awnings, boat covers, boat seats and general upholstery. Built to hold up to the harsh elements (ultraviolet rays, rain, salt water etc.). Flexa thread has been designed with strength in mind. It is the strongest sewing thread made to date. Color thread length 1035 yards. Clear thread length 1,700 yards. Please Note: Thread color is not a perfect match, but pairs nicely with our vinyl.