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Sample your Marine Vinyl Fabric before you buy a roll. Don't commit to a large expensive roll until you have seen and touched the fabric first. See the vibrant colors with your own eyes. Feel the texture and grains up close. Use your fingers to stretch and bend the material to get a feel for it's durability. Would you buy an ice cream cone without sampling it first? No, of course not. We want you to feel 100% comfortable with your purchase and buying a small sample first will reassure you that you are buying a great product. 

Many people have an existing boat or booth seat color that they want to match. Sometimes it's hard to match a seat to an image on the computer. We understand samples are a great way for you to color match your items.

The Sample Marine Vinyl Fabric is a small piece of fabric that is approximately 3"x2". This small piece of fabric will help you realize that our material is high quality and worth every penny. Our prices are highly competitive and the $10 Flat Shipping makes the decision easy to make. Get your Free Sample today.

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