Grommet Hardware Packs

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Grommets are one of the best ways to install porch enclosures or make tarps. These grommets are #2 3/8" with a silver nickel finish. Each Package comes with 144 Grommets and Washers. These are built for the outdoors and will not rust.  

These will need a Grommet Tool (sold separately) to help make installation easier. This Grommet Tool is easy to use and simply needs a mallet for easy installation. 

Grommet Tool Instructions

  1. Use Standard Grommets
  2. Best results can be obtained by using a wooden or rawhide mallet. DO NOT USE A STEEL HAMMER
  3. Use proper size punch for the round hole before inserting
  4. Tap top half of setting die lightly at first, increasing strength of blow until grommet is set
  5. DO NOT attempt to set grommet with one blow