Flexa Pro+ Clear Vinyl Sheet

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Flexa Pro+ Clear Vinyl is our premium top-of-the-line clear vinyl. It's Clear Like Glass and holds up great in outdoor environments. The Scratch Proof+ coating uses the newest innovations in coatings to prevent scratches keeping your clear vinyl in amazing condition longer.

Flexa Pro+ Shrinks roughly 1% overtime. This makes it easier to install in your openings without trying to guess how much it will shrink over time. This is an extremely clear product and is most comparable to window glass. It's really easy to work with and sews easily. The Scratch Proof+ is the most popular as it has a special coating to prevent scratches keeping the clarity at a premium level. The coating does prevent people from printing on this clear vinyl and it will not work with a heat welder, but this coating does help extend the life span of the product. The price is very expensive but the benefits of extreme clarity and extended lifespan are truly worth it. 

This product is made by using 2 giant heated polished metal plates that squeeze all the imperfections out of the vinyl. It's so hot it shrinks the vinyl down immediately so it doesn't shrink as much over its lifespan (roughly 1% versus 2-5%). It also comes with a 2-year warranty.

Did you accidentally spray some gas, oil, or sunscreen on the vinyl? Don't worry as Flexa Pro+ Clear Vinyl Sheet won't be impacted if wiped up right away.  

Blemished Flexa Clear Vinyl
Flexa Pro+ Clear Vinyl
Clarity Fair
Limited Warranty N/A 1 Yr 2 Yr
Price Amazing Great Highish
Thickness Variety Best Best Better
Shrinking 2-5% 2-5% 1%
Scratch Good Good Best
Staining Good Good Best
Clean-ability Good Good Best
Width 54" & 72" 54" & 72" & 90" 54"
Size Large Continuous Roll Large Continuous Roll Smaller Sheet Sizes (54"x110")