Clear Vinyl Project Calculator

Your Clear Vinyl Project just got a little easier. Whether its for Porch Enclosures, greenhouses, boat windows, temporary windows or chicken coops this calculator will help you easily figure out how much clear vinyl you will need.

Step 1: Measure each opening and enter your measurements below (width and height). Use the + or – to add and remove openings. An opening can be a full wall, small window or even a door.

Opening 1

Step 2: Select roll width (inches).

You will need roughly to complete your project. You may want to order a little extra just in case.

Step 3: Select Thickness (10 Gauge thinnest and 80 Gauge thickest, 30 or 40 gauge for porch enclosures)


Important things to consider: This tool is built to be a helpful guide. The vinyl will not be cut into these dimensions as it will come in one long piece. You will need to determine how you are going install it. This will come in one roll and you will need to cut and install it to your needs. We do not custom design your enclosure/openings. Each project is slightly different and may need more/less material than our calculator recommends. Our calculator assumes you are running the vinyl vertically as most people use our product vertically as it uses less material. It is also easier to install and take down vertically in smaller sections. Some people will use HH66 glue, zippers, snaps, wood, grommets or Velcro to attach panels together. If you need ideas on how to install this item check out our Ultimate Guide To Building a Porch Enclosure Article. We do not account for any needed overlap in our calculations as each project is installed differently. Clear vinyl can shrink 1-5% overtime so our porch enclosure calculator automatically adds an extra 2% to account for any possible shrinking. Please note some thicknesses come in smaller roll lengths and based on where the roll length ends you may need to order an extra panel or two.

This is sold by the linear yard 54” wide and will come in one continuous piece. You will need to cut the product to your individual sizes.

*FR indicates Fire Retardant. This is typically used in commercial applications.