Our Story

Our business started like any successful business; out of our garage! It was out of our small garage in St Paul, MN that we grew this business from nothing. We had a rolling table made of folding tables and enough room to hold 200 rolls of fabric. It only took us one year to upgrade to a larger 10,000 sqft facility in Chicago, Illinois. After five years that location was too small so we moved into our location in Aurora IL with 19,000 sqft. After three more years of growth that location became too small. We have now moved into a 30,000 sqft facility in Saint Croix Falls Wisconsin giving us much more space. Our new state of the art facility has more room to store more inventory, allowing us to expand our assortment and help us service you better.



We are a passionate and honest company that wants to bring you the best quality marine vinyl at the most affordable rates. Our passion is driven from our Founder/CEO David Goldman. David grew up loving the outdoors and helping others. He strives to uphold these values in his work.

Over the years, we have watched the big brands take over the retail market. Those big corporations are interested only in making money and overcharging for products that everyone needs. At www.MarineVinylFabric.com, we always put the customer first and keep our costs as low as possible. Our competitors charge a fixed rate per yard, but we know that as you sell more, the margins increase. That is why we pass those savings back to you. It's simple - if you buy more, you also save more. This is also why we buy our product directly from the manufacturer as it allows us to bypass the markup of the middleman. We also make sure a portion of every sale goes to a marine related charity. We focus our donations on charities that help the ocean, marine wildlife and the community as a whole.

Our #1 goal is to provide our customers with the best quality marine vinyl fabric at the most affordable rates. Every day we are looking for ways to streamline our process and reduce our overhead to provide you with the most affordable product without sacrificing our high quality.

We understand that buying a fabric online can be difficult as you cannot see and feel the actual material. As a result, we have tried to take pictures that accurately represent our product. This is why we also offer free samples of Marine Vinyl to help put our product in your hands. We also work to create the best customer experience possible. Our sales team is honest, knowledgeable and ready to help you answer any questions you might have about our product.

When you have a business originally located in Minnesota - known for it's 10,000 lakes, harsh winters and frigid temperatures - you can feel comfortable knowing that we have put our marine vinyl through first hand and scientific testing to ensure its durability. We have tested our product on the beautiful lakes that surround our city, as well as in science labs. This also gave us a chance to see how our Marine Vinyl Fabric can handle the extreme cold winters and take the beating of the sun all year long. Heck, we have used our Marine Vinyl as sleds, for goodness sakes! Our product has proven to hold up over time in these harsh environments.

Our aim is to bring great service and quality products at the most affordable prices to our customers.

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