Outdoor Marine Boat Adhesive/Glue

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Marine vinyl glue

Outdoor Marine Boat Adhesive/Glue

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Recommended for Flexa Woven Marine Flooring

This is the ultimate glue for boats. It works on wood, aluminum and fiberglass as well as concrete.

  • Extremely water resistant
  • Non-flammable
  • Use in heavy traffic areas
  • Solvent-free
  • Ideal for any marine flooring including felt backed woven flooring

Do I really need to remove all the old debris?

Yes. If you don't have a smooth surface you may end up with an uneven floor. It may also damage the flooring. The glue may also not hold properly.

PRO TIP #1: Replace all the boards with new marine grade plywood to save yourself a lot of time and effort

PRO TIP #2: If you don't replace the boards consider removing the old carpeting and remove as much adhesive as possible.

You can than flip the wood and use the other side assuming it's still in good shape to ensure a really smooth surface.

Can I apply this glue in the cold?

The glue should not be applied in freezing temperatures.

Can the glue be stored in the cold?

No the glue will turn into a blob under 32F degrees.

AAT GENERAL ADHESIVE WARRANTY STATEMENT OF WARRANTY AAT, Warrantor, warrants to its immediate purchaser for resale, the Customer, the Product, to be free from defects in material and workmanship for one year from the date of purchase provided the installation has been performed according to the specific recommendations and the Instructions furnished for the Product by AAT and the flooring manufacturer’s installation instructions. (The Instructions are the Product label and specification sheet, and also AAT’s Specification Guide and Adhesive Guide.) The Product is warranted provided the flooring was installed according to the Product’s Instructions and the flooring manufacturer’s instructions. The sole responsibility of the Warrantor under this warranty shall be to reimburse the Customer for reasonable costs of labor and materials to either repair or replace, at the Warrantor’s option, the affected area(s) of the installed flooring. All areas in which the floorcovering is to be repaired/replaced under the terms of this warranty must be cleared at the end-user’s expense of all equipment, furnishings, partitions, and the like, that may have been installed over the floorcovering subsequent to the original installation. PERFORMANCE OF WARRANTY If a claim is suspected, the original purchaser, the Customer, should contact AAT at: Advanced Adhesive Technology, P.O. Box 1887, Dalton, GA 30722-1887, Technical Service Department, Telephone 1800 228 4583 or 706 226 0610. The Customer must provide the following information in writing to the Warrantor: Name of contractor/address/telephone number Jobsite name/address/local contact Date of installation Dated proof of purchase of Product Product’s batch number from original purchase Copy of flooring manufacturer’s warranty Detailed description of complaint The Customer must be prepared to provide samples of the flooring and adhesive if requested by the Warrantor. The Warrantor may analyze these samples for the claimed defect. The Warrantor may request additional information and/or inspect the installation. Warrantor may request that the Customer provide a minimum of two written estimates from professional installation contractors regarding the costs of repairs. Warrantor will authorize in writing the Customer to proceed with the repair work by the Warrantor’s selected contractor. All repairs must be approved in writing prior to any repairs taking place. Warrantor reserves the right to qualify acceptable contractors and refuse any estimate of any claim. Warrantor reserves the right to recover costs, including but not limited to labor and travel, associated with investigating claims shown not to be valid. April 6, 2015 EXCLUSIONS/LIMITATIONS This warranty does not apply if (1) the flooring is manufacturing seconds or trials; (2) the subfloor is found unsuitable by normal and prudent installation practices; (3) the Product is not used according to the Instructions; (4) the installation is not done following the flooring manufacturer’s recommendations and written instructions; (5) damage is the result of acts of nature, flooding, vandalism, damage by animals, damage by plant life, or chemical damage; (6) failure is due to excessive moisture in the substrate or excessive moisture exposure to the adhesive or flooring. (7) problems develop due to defects in the flooring; (8) problems develop due to misuse or abuse of the flooring or adhesive; (9) the Product used is not recommended for the specific use by the Warrantor; (10) damage is the result of settlement, movement, deflection, warpage, distortion, displacement, or any other failure of the structure. This warranty replaced and excluded other warranties, express or implied. Warrantor specifically disclaims any other warranties, written or verbal, including warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. It is solely the responsibility of the third parties such as contractors or the consumer to test and determine the suitability of the Product for the intended use and purpose. Warrantor is not responsible for determining the compatibility between the Product and subfloors beyond what is stated in the Instructions. The Warrantor does not assume any risk or any liability regarding such suitability. The replacement/repair remedy stated in this warranty is the exclusive remedy available to the Customer or any other party. Warrantor will not be liable for any incidental, consequential, or other damages of any kind arising out of or connected to the application, or to any use or misuse of the Product, whether any claim is based upon legal theories of contract, tort, or negligence. This limited warranty will become null and void upon notice from Warrantor if (1) the Customer does not provide the Warrantor written notice within ninety (90) days of the discovery of any alleged deficiency; (2) Warrantor is denied a reasonable opportunity to review and investigate an alleged deficiency; (3) at time of notice Warrantor is due in part or in whole charges for the Product covered under this warranty. This warranty is made to the Customer only and is nontransferable. No one other than an officer of AAT is authorized to make any revisions or additions as to the liability of the Warrantor under the terms and conditions of this warranty. To the extent permitted by law, this Warranty is exclusive as between Warrantor and Customer and specifically excludes and supersedes any and all other warranties, either expressed or implied, including warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. Warrantor’s liability, whether in tort or in contract, is limited solely and exclusively to the obligations hereunder shall not include any liability for incidental and/or consequential damages, whether based upon theories of tort or contract. The terms, conditions, and obligations created by this Warranty shall be governed by the laws of the state of Georgia and any claims arising from this Warranty shall be controlled by Georgia law and shall be brought in the Superior Court of Whitfield County, Georgia, said Court being the exclusive and sole jurisdiction and venue to hear any such claim or claims. April 6, 2015

AAT-390 is a solvent free, copolymer adhesive specifically designed for the professional installation of marine carpets and sheet vinyl. AAT-390 offers excellent resistance to moisture when fully cured. AAT-390 is compatible with most carpet backings and felt back sheet goods. AAT-390 is non-flammable, freeze - thaw stable (if allowed to freeze, thaw out at room temperature (70oF+) before using, do not stir adhesive while ice crystals are present). This adhesive is protected by the CleanGuard® two-stage antimicrobial. CleanGuard® is a specifically formulated broad-spectrum, anti-microbial agent that protects our adhesives and sealers from microorganisms, such as mold or mildew, in both the wet and dry state. AAT-390 Marine and Exterior Adhesive is recommended for the following installations: A. Marine and outdoor carpets with the following backings: a. Rubber-backed (Marine, waffle, foam) b. Non-backed (Tufted or woven) c. Woven polypropylene (ActionBac®) d. Latex unitary e. Jute f. PVC g. Polyurethane cushion (Enhancer®, Kangaback®) Not for use with carpets having urethane unitary backings. B. Sheet vinyl: a. Felt back b. Vinyl [PVC] backings C. Subfloor Surfaces: Sub-floors must be flat and structurally sound. The sub-floor should be flat within 3/16” in 10’ or 1/8” in 6’. All paint, varnish, oil, wax, finishes and any other bond inhibiting substances must be removed. Smooth or glazed surfaces must be abraded. Repair all joints and cracks with latexfortified portland cement underlayment. Concrete sub-floors must be properly prepared according to the recommended practices detailed in the document ASTM F-710. Never sand existing resilient flooring that could contain asbestos. Follow all federal, state and local regulations relating to the removal of in-place, asbestos containing material. Very porous sub-floors must be primed with AAT-570 Primer. AAT-390 can be used over the following sub-floors. For interior applications over concrete and gypsum cement the maximum moisture emission rate of 5lbs/1000 sq ft./24 hours [ASTM F-1869] and a maximum in situ RH of 80% [ASTM F-2170]. The sub-floor pH must be 7.0- 9.0 [ASTM F-710]: a. Concrete (clean and fully cured) b. Asphalt paving (clean and fully cured) c. Other clean, sound paving surfaces d. Fiberglass* e. Aluminum* f. APA rated underlayment and marine grade plywood Note: Aluminum surfaces must be sanded before adhering floorcovering to remove aluminum oxide which will weaken the bond. Aluminum and steel surfaces must be cleaned with a mild solvent (naptha or mineral spirits) before applying the adhesive to remove oils or greases. When used over rubber roof coatings, a permanent bond is formed. Fiberglass surfaces must be sanded and vacuumed. Make sure to thoroughly clean fiberglass surfaces with denatured alcohol or methanol cleaner and let dry. AAT-390 is NOT for use on pressure-treated wood. *Clean and abraded to provide for a mechanical bond. 424 South Spencer Street • Dalton, GA 30721 800-228-4583 • Fax 706-278-6207 • www.aatglue.com March 8, 2017 [replaces October 5, 2015] Technical Data: A. Base: copolymer B. Color: White C. Freeze-Thaw Stable to 15°F. Frozen material should be allowed to thaw at room temperature. DO NOT agitate or stir while frozen. Stability and spread-ability can be reduced if frozen. For best results, do not allow the adhesive to freeze. D. Clean-up: wet adhesive with warm water, dry adhesive with AAT-197 Adhesive Remover E. Sizes: 1 gallon and 4 gallon pail F. It is essential that good adhesive contact be achieved. A 100% transfer of floor adhesive into the carpet backing while maintaining full coverage of the sub-floor must be obtained. On stiff backings or on backings that have curling tendencies, the flooring should be laid into the adhesive immediately after spreading and laid open for no more than 30 minutes before reapplying to the sub-floor. This method insures adhesive transfer to improve installation results. Typical Trowels and Approximate Coverage Rates: Carpet Sheet Vinyl 1/8 x 1/8 x 1/8 V-Notch 1/16 x 1/16 x 1/16 V-Notch 108 sq. ft. /gal 180 sq. ft. /gal Installation Recommendations: Prior to the start of the installation the installer must determine that the job-site conditions meet or exceed all applicable standards of the carpet/turf manufacturer and AAT. The sub-floor should be prepared according to the standards and practices set forth in the latest version of document ASTM F-710. 1. Sub-floor surface must be sound, smooth and free of loose paint, varnish, curing agents, parting compounds, oil, grease, wax or any other foreign agents or contaminates that could affect the adhesive and bond strength. 2. Minimum environmental conditions are 65°-90°F and 35%-65% relative humidity for both the floorcovering and adhesive for not less than 48 hours before installation. These conditions should be maintained as the adhesive cures. Normal cure time is 24-48 hours, depending on temperature and relative humidity. 3. Spread the AAT-390 using the specified trowel. Allow the adhesive to tack properly (10-15 minutes) maintaining the proper notch throughout the entire installation. 4. Lay floorcovering into the adhesive so as to minimize air bubble and wrinkles. Roll the floorcovering with a 50-75 lb three section roller in both north - south and east - west directions. Check a small area for 100 percent transfer. 5. Keep the installation dry and at room temperature while curing. Exposure to water or rain will wash away the uncured adhesive. Fully cured adhesive is water resistant. 6. Clean up tools or adhesive spills with water while wet. Use AAT-197 Adhesive Remover or safety solvent if the adhesive has dried.

Marine Vinyl Flooring Glue

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Marine vinyl glue
Marine vinyl flooring
Marine vinyl flooring
Marine vinyl flooring

Marine Vinyl Flooring Glue

18 reviews
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Recommended for Marideck Marine Flooring

Use our Water Based Solvent for Wood and our Solvent Based Glue for Aluminum, Fiberglass or wood.

1 Gallon will usually cover about 14 Feet of flooring (125 sqft)

3 Gallons will usually cover about 42 Feet of flooring (375 sqft)


Prep the area to make sure it is clean of all debris. It is best to apply to a smooth surface. Apply the adhesive evenly with a paint roller. Allow the adhesive to dry approximately 5-10 minutes until it feels a bit tacky with your finger. Roll flooring over the glue and apply even pressure. Some People have used a heavy pipe or a simple push broom to evenly press the flooring down on to the glue.

IMPORTANT: If your wood surface is sealed with a water-proofing sealant, then MD-102 (sovent-based) adhesive must be used.

Do I really need to remove all the old debris?

Yes. If you don't have a smooth surface you may end up with an uneven floor. It may also damage the flooring. The glue may also not hold properly.

PRO TIP #1: Replace all the boards with new marine grade plywood to save yourself a lot of time and effort

PRO TIP #2: If you don't replace the boards consider removing the old carpeting and remove as much adhesive as possible.

You can than flip the wood and use the other side assuming it's still in good shape to ensure a really smooth surface.

Can I apply this glue in the cold?

The glue should not be applied in freezing temperatures.

Can the glue be stored in the cold?

No the glue will turn into a blob under 32F degrees.

2 Year Limited Warranty

(MariDeck) warrants to the original retail purchaser, that the MariDeck membrane is free from defects at the time of manufacturing. We further warrant that the MariDeck membrane, installed to MariDeck published specifications, will be free from defects for a prorated period of two (2) years from the date of purchase, providing the membrane was properly installed, maintained, and used for its’ intended purpose. At no time during the life of this limited warranty, shall DeckRite’s liability exceed the original selling price of the membrane. It is specifically noted that any other components of the boat are not covered under this warranty. TERMS, CONDITIONS & LIMITATIONS A. Owner shall provide DeckRite with written notice of any defect in the membrane within fifteen (15) days of discovery. Should the subsequent DeckRite investigation reveal that the problem(s) were caused by something other then a defect in the membrane, the owner shall be responsible for the cost of investigation made by DeckRite. B. This warranty shall not be applicable for any damage to the membrane resulting from, but not limited to: 1. Natural disaster, including but not limited to earthquakes, lighting, hail, high winds, tornados, hurricanes, etc. 2. Intentional acts, negligence, stains, scuffs, ice or show removal, failure of Owner to use reasonable care, animals, fires, malicious mischief, vandalism, civil disobedience or improper Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) installation error. 3. Settling, warping or other failure of the structure on which the membrane is attached. 4. Alkaline attack, hydrostatic pressure or moisture from the sub floor. 5. Normal wear and tear (i.e. fading, abrasion, etc). C. This warranty shall be null and void if: 1. There is a change in the use of the boat by the Owner or authorized user, which affects the membrane installation. 2. The membrane is exposed to substances or chemicals which are not compatible with the membrane and have not been previously approved in writing by DeckRite. 3. Owner fails to pay the cost of investigation and repair of non-warranted problems. 4. The membrane is damaged, penetrated, torn or altered in anyway. D. DeckRite has no obligation under this warranty unless: 1. The bills for membrane have been paid in full to DeckRite, LLC, the OEM or dealer. 2. MariDeck agents or authorized installers are allowed access to said installation, to make inspections, during regular working hours. 3. Owner has exercised reasonable care and maintenance in accordance with the recommendations of the manufacturer. E. It is expressly agreed that the Owner’s sole remedy to a defect in the membrane is replacement of the defective membrane. F. This limited warranty, issued at the office of DeckRite LLC, 3912 East Progress, North Little Rock, Arkansas, 72114, and accordingly governed by Arkansas law, is not transferable. DECKRITE DOES NOT WARRANT PRODUCTS INCORPORATED OR UTILIZED IN THIS INSTALLATION, WHICH IS HAS NOT FURNISHED AND SPECIFICALLY DISCLAIMS LIABILITY, UNDER ANY THEORY OF LAW, ARISING OUT OF THE INSTALLATION OR PERFORMANCE OF, OR DAMAGES SUSTAINED BY OR CAUSED BY, PRODUCTS NOT FURNISHED BY DECKRITE. THIS LIMITED WARRANTY, GIVEN BY DECKRITE, SUPERSEDES, AND IS IN LIEU OF ALL OTHER WARRANTIES OR GUARNATEES, WHETHER WRITTEN OR ORAL EITHER EXPRESSED, IMPLIED OR STATUTORY, INCLUDING THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE AND MERCHANTABILITY, WHICH EXTEND BEYOND THE FACE OF THIS CERTIFICATE. DECKRITE SHALL NOT BE LIABLE FOR ANY INCIDENTAL, SPECIAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, LOSS OF PROFITS, DAMAGE TO THE BOAT OR ITS’ CONTENTS, UNDER ANY THEORY OF LAW. NO REPRESENTATIVE OF DECKRITE HAS ANY AU

Installation Instructions

MariDeck PVC Marine Vinyl is designed for installations on wood, aluminum or fiberglass surfaces. The product is adhered to the surface using either MD–101 (for wood applications), or MD–102 (for aluminum fiberglass applications) adhesive. The instructions below describe a typical installation.

Read through the instructions completely prior to beginning your installations. If you have any questions, feel free to call (888) 450-DECK for assistance.

Suggested Tools List

Measuring Tape 9”

Medium Nap Paint Roller With 4’ Extension


Push Broom or Linoleum Roller

Utility Knife

Throw Away Rags

Surface Preparation

Ideally, it is best to remove any objects that are attached to the boat floor. Also remove any plastic or metal trim pieces. These will be reused to secure the edges of the vinyl after application. The removal of all seating, tables, trolling motors and electronic devices, etc., will allow for an easier and better application of the MariDeck product.

Any existing carpet or vinyl will also need to be completely removed in addition to any adhesive residue left on the surface to be covered. It is very likely that wood boats decks (pontoons) will require the complete removal of the existing wood surface and the replacement with new wood.

MariDeck recommends ¾” pressure treated plywood or marine grade plywood screwed to the structure. Consult MariDeck if another surface is required. Install new wood securely with high quality moisture resistant screws. Plywood sheets should be butted against each other leaving no more than a 1/32” space.

Wood Surface Application - MD-101 (water-based adhesive) - 1 surface application

**DO NOT SEAL THE PLYWOOD: If your wood surface is sealed with a water-proofing sealant, then MD-102 (solvent-based) adhesive must be used. The water-based adhesive must be applied to a porous surface for the membrane to adhere properly.

**For MD-102 (solvent-based adhesive) please refer to Aluminum/Fiberglass surface application instructions.**

Prior to applying the MariDeck vinyl, inspect the surface of the boat to be covered to make sure all debris, saw dust, screws, or any foreign objects have been removed. Use a leaf blower or broom at this time to insure the surface is completely clean.

Be extremely careful when unwrapping the roll. Sharp objects can damage the MariDeck vinyl. Take caution in removing the packaging to avoid damage to the product.

After the packaging has been removed, unroll the vinyl over the surface to be covered. Take this time to determine that the roll is of sufficient length to cover the surface required. Center the vinyl on the surface and adjust for appropriate overhang requirements on all four sides. Pull out any wrinkles or folds in the vinyl if they exist.

Once the vinyl is adjusted to the ideal position, install a couple weighted objects (i.e., tool box, adhesive pail, brick) on the membrane at one end of the boat. The weighted objects should be within 24” from the edge of the boat. Starting at the opposite end of the boat, roll the membrane loosely back to the weighted objects. As you roll the vinyl, try to maintain a straight and consistent roll.

Wood surface applications require the use of MD–101 adhesive. Prior to opening, shake the glue container slightly for 60 seconds. The glue should have the appearance and consistency of Elmers glue/thick white paint. Coverage rates for the MD-101 are approximately 125/SF per gallon. Depending on the ambient temperature, the adhesive will begin to dry relatively fast after application. If you are working alone, do not try to install more than 15 linear feet at a time. The vinyl needs to be applied when the adhesive is wet.

Open the container and pour the adhesive in a serpentine pattern onto the wood deck in front of the roll. The serpentine ribbons of adhesive should be approximately 1.5” wide. Cover an area that extends the width of the roll and out form the roll 15’. Using the medium nap paint roller, roll over the adhesive blending it together and completely covering the wood surface. The consistency and coverage of the adhesive should represent a heavy coat of paint. Do not leave puddles of adhesive or dry spots on the wood surface. Finish the area of adhesive application in a relatively straight line across the width of the boat.

Standing on the vinyl near the weighted objects, slowly and careful begin to unroll the vinyl over the freshly applied adhesive. Make sure that the roll is unrolled straight and wrinkle free. If a wrinkle does appear, lift the roll of vinyl off the adhesive slightly and straighten to remove wrinkle. Continue to unroll the vinyl to cover all of the adhesive.

Take a clean stiff bristle push broom and sweep over the surface installed using medium pressure. The process will help distribute the adhesive under the vinyl evenly and help provide for consistent contact between the adhesive and vinyl. Make sure any air pockets are pressed out if they exist

Return to the beginning of the roll and remove the weighted objects. Fold the vinyl back exposing the un-adhered wood surface. Apply adhesive as described above and follow same vinyl application procedure.

The remaining vinyl (or next 15’) can now be adhered to the wood surface. Make sure the new application of adhesive slightly overlaps the previous to eliminate voids in the coverage. It is acceptable to separate the adhered vinyl from the initial adhesive to ensure 100% coverage as long as the vinyl has not dried. Complete the application as described above.

Drying Time

You can walk on the vinyl immediately after installation. However, excessive walking and foot traffic could put small wrinkles in the vinyl. Take caution in walking on the surface and always inspect the area after contact. In dry weather conditions and temps 60 – 90 degrees F. the glue will be dry in 2-3 hours. It is recommended that the glue be allowed to dry completely over night before installing seating and equipment.

Aluminum/Fiberglass Surface Application - MD-102 (solvent-based) - 2 surface application

Prior to applying the MariDeck vinyl, inspect the surface of the boat to be covered to make sure all debris, dust, screws, or any foreign objects have been removed. Use a leaf blower or broom at this time to insure the surface is completely clean.

Fiberglass surfaces will likely require that the surface be etched using a coarse grade of sandpaper. This will allow for better adhesion. Remove all fiberglass dust prior to applying adhesive.

Follow the package removal instructions as listed above.

In most cases, applications over aluminum or fiberglass require pre-cutting the vinyl into the appropriate shapes and sizes required for the specific area of the boat. Carefully measure the shapes and sizes allowing for appropriate coverage. If a larger surface is to be covered, utilize the same installation method described above using the appropriate adhesive and procedures outlined below.

MD-102 is very flammable. Keep all adhesives away from children and do not use this product near an open flame or high heat. MD-102 should be installed in a well-ventilated area.

Once the sizes are cut, apply MD-102 solvent adhesive to the non-woven polyester backside of the vinyl using a small nap paint roller (smaller areas may require the use of a 3” roller). Coverage rates for the MD-102 are approximately 50-60/SF per gallon. Be careful not to get adhesive on the topside of the vinyl. Removing spilled or excess adhesive is extremely difficult. Then apply a thin coat of MD-102 adhesive onto the surface to receive the vinyl piece. Again, be careful in the application. Only apply enough adhesive to be covered by the vinyl. Allow the adhesive to set for 10-15 minutes.

**Note: If you apply the adhesive too thick, you may notice air "gas" pockets under the vinyl after approx. 24 hours. Please do not attempt to remove the vinyl and do not seal the edges. These "gas" bubbles will go away. If possible, move the boat into the sunlight. This will speed up the process of allowing the gases to "escape" and the material will lay flat. Depending on ambient temperature and amount of excess glue, this process can take 2-3 days.

The adhesive is ready for application when you can touch the adhesive on the aluminum with your finger, and feel only a slight tackiness. If “legs” or “strings” appear between your finger and the adhesive, allow another 5 minutes to dry and retest. Do not wait longer than 15 minutes to apply the glued vinyl to the glued surface.

Carefully apply the glued piece of vinyl without wrinkles or air bubbles. MD-102 is a solvent based contact adhesive and will require quick installation. Make certain the vinyl pieces are positioned correctly before applying. After the piece of vinyl is applied, use your hand to smooth out any air bubbles or wrinkles while ensuring uniform contact.

Follow the same instructions for subsequent pieces of the vinyl.


It is possible to overlap the vinyl and create a seam although exposed seams should be avoided as much as possible. In pre-cutting the vinyl pieces, try to utilize pieces of vinyl that will hide the seams under overhangs, under seats or aligned with the seams in the aluminum. You can also butt seams by performing a “wall paper cut”. Over lap the two pieces of product then, following the edge of the top vinyl, use a sharp utility knife to cut through the bottom vinyl. Fold the top layer back slightly, remove the trimmed piece of bottom vinyl, and then, fold the top layer back in place to butt the vinyl.

Drying Time

MD-102 adhesive dries very quickly. Allow a minimum 1-hour drying time before installing seating and equipment.

For Technical Assistance call (888) 450-DECK.

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Rob A.
United States United States

How you doing!

The materials came fast, I was so excited to pull out the products, the flooring was the perfect length and the glue was wet. She’s a keeper for sure. Total makeover of my Pontoon! I’m a happy guy.

www.MarineVinylFabric.com Outdoor Marine Boat Adhesive/Glue Review
Randy W.
United States United States

Vinyl Flooring

Awesome excellent quality and great service. I will from you again

Elizabeth C.
United States United States

Excellent would buy again

Love the flooring can’t wait for summer to use! Looks really great!

Diane G.
United States United States

Vinyl flooring

Installed in my pontoon boat. Easy to install. Big improvement.

Jimmy F.
United States United States

New Vinyl Pontoon Floor

We bought the glue AND the vinyl from Marine Vinyl Fabric! Both were outstanding products! The new floor transforms our pontoon! We love it! Makes our pontoon look like a new one! Thank You so much! MarineVinylFabric.com will not disappoint!!!!

A www.MarineVinylFabric.com Customer
Ronald S.
United States United States

Worked great

Saw several YouTube before applying. Decided to go with using a paint roller and did one 4x8 sheet at a time. For the last sheet we did need to scrape the bucket clean with a plastic putty knife to get it all out. We were doing this outside on a sunny, breezy day, temps in the 80s. So drying time was pretty quick. Stapled all along the edges with pneumatic staple gun. Installed rails the next day and it looks great.

www.MarineVinylFabric.com Outdoor Marine Boat Adhesive/Glue Review
Jeremy A.
United States United States

Great glue

Super easy product to use!

Cate B.
United States United States

Easy Application

Worked like a charm, great product.

William G.
United States United States

Easy to use

Went on easy with the proper trowel. Don't put it on thicker than suggested or it takes a lot longer to dry. Very satisfied with this adhesive

Wayne M.
United States United States

Great products - and beat their initial delivery time!

They were available for help when I initially ordered the wrong flooring - and were able to help and change my order to the correct one. I will buy from them again!

Theresa N.
United States United States

Fantastic, very smooth and easy to use, not sticky at all

www.MarineVinylFabric.com Outdoor Marine Boat Adhesive/Glue Review
Kathy c.
United States United States

Pontoon redo

The glue was great. Flooring made an excellent upgrade to the 2007 bass tracker.

www.MarineVinylFabric.com Outdoor Marine Boat Adhesive/Glue Reviewwww.MarineVinylFabric.com Outdoor Marine Boat Adhesive/Glue Review
Thomas G.
United States United States

Great purchase

The marine vinyl I purchased was perfect for the deck of the boat, it was (due to the thickness) harder to cover hatches but overall it is great. Marine Vinyl shipped fast and complete, I will buy again from them.

www.MarineVinylFabric.com Outdoor Marine Boat Adhesive/Glue Review
Edward S.
United States United States

Pontoon boat

Great stuff worked great

Robert K.
United States United States

Fiberglass pontoon deck

Easy to apply with 1/8” grooved towel On a clean surface Holds weave vinyl (felt back) well

Phillip L.
United States United States

The glue works great for their vinyl flooring.

The glue works really well. It gives you plenty of working time to get your flooring straightened out. I glued a large piece of vinyl flooring in the hull of a boat, up vertical sides and this glue has done a great job. I glued small areas at a time and that worked out well for me. I would buy this glue again for any future products.