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Blemished Discounted Transparent Vinyl

SAVE 15% or more on Discounted Flexa Marine transparent Vinyl with Blemishes. 

99% of our clear vinyl has excellent clarity, sometimes during the manufacturing process when conditions are not ideal the vinyl can have slight blemishes, distortion, and lines. This transparent vinyl is separated from our main supply and sold as "Blemishes" with a discount. This is perfect for people who want to save money. It's also great for greenhouses, chicken coops, and doggy doors where perfect clarity is less important. 

We inspect all of our clear vinyl prior to shipping. Any rolls that have blemishes are separated and sold at a discount as they do not meet our high standard of quality. These blemishes happen when a small bubble in the film pops while the film is still hot/malleable during production. This shows up in the film as a small pinpoint “head”, with a wider tail following for a short distance. While our crews do their best to prevent air marks, they are unfortunately an unavoidable part of the process. Our specification for making this film is a maximum of 3 small (< ½” long) air marks and 2 medium (< 5/8” long) air marks per yard² of material. Anything found to be outside of the quality standard is considered "blemished". 

This discounted blemished product will not have holes or deep scratches. The flaws are usually minor bubbles, minor scratches, lines, and distortion.

Please note: Our full rolls vary in length. Please check the full roll length for each gauge in the size guide located below before ordering. If you order more than a full rolls length it will come in multiple rolls.

Maximum Continuous Length (Roll Sizes): 4 Gauge(200 Yards), 8 Gauge(100 Yards), 10 Gauge 54"(80 Yards), 10 Gauge 72"(100 Yards), 12 Gauge (85 Yards), 16 Gauge (50 Yards), 20 Gauge 54" (40 Yards), 20 Gauge 72" (40 Yards), Tinted 20 Gauge 54" (50 Yards), 30 Gauge 54" (35 Yards),

"By the yard" purchases will be a continuous roll up to the full roll length for the gauge specified.

Remove all packaging paper upon receiving your roll, this includes the brown paper used to re-roll your product. Failure to remove paper may cause further damage to the vinyl. Please stand the package upright for storage to avoid further damage/distortion.

Please Note: This product is sold as is and is not eligible for refunds or returns.

Looking for higher-quality transparent vinyl that is not blemished? Check out our Flexa Clear Vinyl which is our best quality/value or our New Premium Flexa Pro+ Clear Vinyl Sheet.

Easily compare our Transparent Vinyl options

Flexa Pro+ Flexa Clear Vinyl  Blemished
Clarity Best Great Fair
Limited Warranty 2 Yr 1 Yr N/A
Price High Great Amazing
Thickness Variety Better Best Best
Shrinking 1% 2-5% 2-5%
Scratch Best Good Good
Staining Best Good Good
Cleanability Best Good Good
Width 54" 54" & 72" & 90" 54" & 72"
Size Smaller Sheet Sizes (54"x110") Large Continuous Roll Large Continuous Roll

 WARNING: Prop 65 Disclaimer