Upholstery and Foam Spray Adhesive/Glue

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This Platinum T-400 Spray adhesive is the best holding quick-drying formula for upholstery and foam. Use it to bond vinyl to vinyl, foam to vinyl, and foam to foam. Simply spray it on and watch the magic happen before your eyes. This upholstery adhesive has a shorter open time and dries quicker compared to most other upholstery adhesives. This product can cut your adhesive usage in half. Comes in a 12oz spray can. 

Great for Temporary or Permanent bonds. No Chlorinated Solvents. 

Don't settle for second best, pick up your Platinum T-400 Spray Adhesive today!

Storage: Once used follow the instruction to clean out the nozzle properly and store the can upside down in a temperature-controlled climate to keep the spray adhesive from clogging up. 

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This product is not recommended for clear vinyl applications.

VOC-compliant in all 50 states. 

 WARNING: Prop 65 Disclaimer