Athletic Gym Vinyl Fabric

David Goldman

Athletic Gym Vinyl Fabric

Meet Flexa Marine Vinyl! Besides being great for boat seats and upholstery this athletic PVC Vinyl is a High Endurance material that is manufactured for gyms and workout equipment. This durable Athletic Vinyl is reinforced to withstand aggressive daily use and is built for rough and tough play. 

This is the vinyl you want in your gym equipment, as it’s perfect for every athletic application. Do you have a rip in a wall pad that needs repair? Or do you need to make some gym mats for your martial arts studio. This vinyl fabric is strong and will also work for punching bags, lifting equipment, wrestling mats and medicine balls. This Fabric is great for workout facilities and school gyms. This Athletic vinyl is so strong it can be used for football dummies, tackling shields and step-over dummies.

Flexa Vinyl comes in over a dozen solid colors. This heavy-duty indoor/outdoor PVC Vinyl is very easy to clean. Easily wipe sweat and blood away with warm soapy water. This Athletic PVC fabric is smooth making it look great while also making it easier to clean. This Athletic Vinyl is UV treated making it perfect for any outdoor weather. Need to have your teams logo printed on the material? No problem. Flexa Vinyl can be printed, sewed and heat-sealed.

 What should you look for in Athletic Vinyl?

You will want a heavier weighted vinyl. You will see Athletic Vinyl range in weight from 13oz per linear yard to 26oz per linear yard. We understand that most people want a material that will hold up to constant daily abuse. That is why we only carry PVC fabric that is 26oz per linear yard. We want to bring you high quality material at the most affordable prices.

Another important factor when selecting a material for a gym is the burst strength. The burst strength tests how much force can the material withstand when it receives a fast burst of pressure. On a scale of 1-10 the average burst strength of most athletic vinyl is 5 our material comes in at 10 (Test: CNS1353).

Working out and playing in a gym should be safe and fun. Athletic Teams should practice and win with the best gear and that is why we are here to help you grow stronger. Our durable Flexa PVC vinyl is perfect for you and will get you to the top.

We pride ourselves on delivering an exceptional product at the lowest cost possible. We understand that school budgets can be tight and everyone wants the best deal possible. We also know that you want material that is durable and will last. We also know that gym and school equipment gets abused. We also know that you don’t like to deal with shady sales people that will over charge you to get a commission. That is why at we have straightforward pricing that rewards people for the more they buy. It’s simple when you buy more you also save more.

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