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Customer Spotlight
We simply sell a great quality product. It's you that turns our marine vinyl into amazing works of art. As a result we love to highlight our talented customers. This week let's learn about Robert Guy in this weeks customer spotlight.


Name: Robert Guy
Business: JCG Designs LLC
Contact Information: 1 770-313-3027
Location: Winston GA


How did you get started? 
I started in the mid 70s, but not on boats at first. I spent a lot of time fishing and boating on the Potomac River and Chesapeake Bay. I began doing upholstery when I was a child, helping my parents restore old cars.  I assisted with the fabrication and sewing of entire interiors of vehicles. I fixed up a 1961 Mercedes 190SL, 1957 Chevy, 1969 Buick Gran Sport, Jeeps, and much more.  Later in life, I got into boats and I noticed that many of the boats I was seeing around had old cracked and deteriorated interiors. I originally had a hobby of buying old neglected boats, and refurbishing them. The new interiors made the whole project look very nice.


What is your favorite project and why?
I really enjoy designing cushions and tops with multiple color accents and designs.  They look much better than plain colors or white.


What do you look for when selecting materials?
My material selection and procurement probably takes the longest in the whole project. Sometimes I will match original colors, which is a challenge, but sometimes I will select materials based on tones and sharpness of the boat colors.  Sometimes you can change it up a bit, for a newer and better look for your boat. Vinyl is also easy to work with, and you have to be careful to get the correct weight material for the project at hand.  


What is your favorite tool?
In my shop, my oldest machine - Pfaff 545 is my favorite "go to" machine.  I have 8 industrial sewing machines in service currently including Pfaff 545s, 1245, 145, Consew 226R1, Cones 206 RB3, and a Singer 29-4 “Patcher”, but that 545 H3 is my favorite for upholstery.  I also use a Seiko CW-8B cylinder arm machine for top stitching tight inside curves and such.


What one tip would you give someone who wants to attempt a DIY project?
My advice to a DIY project manager would be to take your time, use contact tools and materials, and make accurate measurements.  Vinyl is very forgiving, but for the perfect look, you need to observe these things to get it right.


What do you wish your clients knew before they met with you?
My clients should know I work fast, and am all about customer service.  I ask them critical questions about design, preferences, etc, to make sure they get what they want. Unfortunately, I do lots of repair work and alteration work on articles that were fabricated by other shops.  It’s simple…   The customer comes first!


What do you enjoy doing when your not working?
I keep a twin engine Proline 29 Sport center console fishing boat at Captain’s Cover Marina, near my vacation home in Port St. Joe FL, and when not at work, every spare moment of my life is spent there on it either trolling offshore, island and sand bar “get togethers”, or just family time on the water.  There is something about the salt water, sand, and sun, that heals the soul like nothing else.  My wife and daughters enjoy it as well, which makes it even better!  This past summer, we caught Wahoo, Mahi-Mahi, Kings, Tuna, and other varieties.  


Do you do other work besides marine upholstery?
I am currently taking any requests for new custom and recovery cushions, coaming bolsters, T tops, Bimini Tops, Isinglass Enclosures, engine covers, fender covers, and other requests for jump seats, curtains, etc.  I also do side work with leather goods, and other miscellaneous requests.  No job is too big or too small, and I do work via mail and shipping too. is my first stop for color selection.
Thanks Robert!


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