Marine Vinyl Fabric Upholstery Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Pick the Best Marine Vinyl?

How Wide is Marine Vinyl?

  • Marine Vinyl is a standard 54" wide (See Length Guide)

What is the difference between regular vinyl and marine vinyl?

  • Marine vinyl has special additives added to the vinyl while it's being made. Marine Vinyl protects the material from harsh elements like UV rays, Mold and Mildew, Cold Temperatures and salt water.

How to Clean Marine Vinyl?

  • This is not a simple question so we wrote a blog post that goes over this topic in great detail. It will give you some awesome tips. Check the article out - How to clean your marine vinyl?
  • Keeping your vinyl clean and out of the sun will extend the life of the material. Our material is UV treated, but over an extended period the sun will break down the material. They make boat and furniture covers for a reason and it's because the harsh sun will break down just about anything. You can also use products like 303 and Meguiars Marine Vinyl Cleaners.

How do I get creases out of the folded vinyl?

  • Lay the marine vinyl flat on the ground in the sun. You can also use a heat gun to smooth it out. You can also use a heating pad or heated blanket on a low setting. The material will always bounce back to its original shape, but it can take time. Smaller pieces can be placed in a dryer on a low setting to help smooth it out. Please be careful not to use so much heat where it melts.

Why is the Marine Vinyl UV rating only 500 hours?

  • This is a standard test length. Most of our products can very easily exceed this length of time. There are a few colors that will fade at a faster speed (red, orange and neons - 50 hours). The other colors can easily achieve 500+ hours. Please note to extend the life of any marine vinyl we recommend covering the material when it's not in use. They make boat covers and furniture covers for a reason.

Is Marine Vinyl Waterproof?

  • Marine Vinyl is made with a PVC top and knit polyester backing. The vinyl itself is waterproof, but if you sew it together water can get through seams.

What is the backing made of?

  • It has a knit polyester backing

What is the texture?

  • It has a mild leather texture. The carbon fiber does has a different carbon fiber appearance/texture.

Will my product come in one piece?

  • If you order less than 30 yards the order should come in one continuous piece. We do our best to send rolls in one piece, but occasionally our team may accidently send out a split roll. If you order a 30 yard roll it may contain up to 1 factory split. If you need the material not to have a split please let us know before the order is filled.