What is clear vinyl used for?

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What is clear vinyl used for?

Top 12 Ways to Use Clear Vinyl in Your Everyday Projects. 

Clear vinyl, a versatile plastic material known for its transparency, durability, and flexibility, finds a multitude of applications across various industries. The choice of clear vinyl thickness is crucial for different projects, ensuring optimal performance and longevity. At Marine Vinyl Fabric, we are constantly surprised by the many creative ways our customers use Clear Vinyl. After nearly 10 years of talking with our customers and helping people with their projects it becomes very clear which projects are most popular.

In this article, we wanted to explore the most popular ways and recommended thicknesses of Clear Vinyl and some creative ways to use Clear Vinyl in your everyday projects. So here’s our big list of everyday projects: Are you ready to see how our customers use clear vinyl? Ok great let's jump right into it.

  1. Marine/Boat Enclosure Windows

Clear vinyl is a top choice for boat enclosure windows due to its resilience in marine environments. When selecting clear vinyl for boat enclosure windows, factors like gauge thickness, UV resistance, and clarity are vital considerations. Our 60-gauge option is the most popular for boat enclosures, offering both visibility and protection from the elements.

Other key points to consider:

  • Marine environments can be particularly harsh, so a thicker gauge like 60 is ideal to withstand saltwater, UV rays, wind, and waves.
  • UV resistance ensures the vinyl won't yellow or degrade over time due to sun exposure.

    1. Porch/Patio Enclosures

    Clear vinyl can transform your porch into a versatile space. For durability in porch enclosures, consider using 80-gauge clear vinyl, our thickest option. However, 60-gauge can also be suitable, depending on usage and climate conditions.

    Other key points to consider:

    • Porch enclosures benefit from thicker vinyl, as it provides better insulation and weather protection.
    • The choice between 60 and 80 gauge depends on usage and local climate.
    • Regular maintenance, such as cleaning, can prolong the lifespan of porch enclosures.
    Clear Vinyl Porch Enclosure
    1. Safety Barriers 

    Clear vinyl is frequently employed for safety barriers. During the peak pandemic season, we saw restaurants and many other retail and service establishments use Clear Vinyl as a safety barrier. The 16-gauge clear vinyl, approximately half the thickness of a credit card, is a popular choice for safety barriers.

    Other key points to consider:

    • Thicker gauges offer greater physical durability, but the 16-gauge provides sufficient protection in most cases.
    • Regular inspection of safety barriers is essential to identify any signs of wear and tear.

      1. Greenhouses

      Clear vinyl is excellent for covering greenhouse frames. Gauges of 16 and higher are suitable, with 16-gauge being a flexible option for stretching over frames. Higher gauges work well for stapling or screwing into greenhouse frames.

      Other key points to consider:

      • The choice of gauge depends on your greenhouse's structure and mounting method.
      • Thinner gauges are more flexible, while thicker gauges offer increased durability.
      • Proper ventilation and humidity control are key factors in greenhouse maintenance.

        1. Golf Cart Windows

        Clear vinyl is an ideal material for golf cart windows. For these windows, medium thickness options like 30 gauge are recommended, offering the necessary clarity and protection.

        Other key points to consider:

        • 30-gauge clear vinyl, similar in thickness to a credit card, provides an optimal balance between visibility and durability.
        • Regular cleaning can help maintain the clarity of golf cart windows.

          1. Tent Windows

          Clear vinyl is a popular choice for tent windows, with thinner to medium thickness options available. Depending on your preference, you can select gauges ranging from 10 to 30 for tent windows, balancing cost and durability.

          Other key points to consider:

          • Thinner vinyl is cost-effective but may be less durable, while thicker options offer greater resilience.
          • Seam sealing and proper storage can extend the lifespan of tent windows.

            1. Table Coverings

            Clear vinyl serves well as table coverings. Gauges from 10 to 20 are suitable for this purpose, offering both transparency and protection.

            Other key points to consider:

            • The choice of gauge depends on the desired thickness and intended use of the table covering.
            • Using table protectors can help prevent scratches and damage to the underlying surface.

              1. Shower Curtains

              Shower curtains made from clear vinyl are generally on the thinner side. Most commonly, 10-gauge clear vinyl is used for shower curtains, providing the necessary transparency and flexibility.

              Other key points to consider:

              • If you prefer a thicker shower curtain, options up to 20 gauge are available for added durability.
              • Regular cleaning and proper drying can prevent mold and mildew growth on shower curtains.

                1. Furniture Covers

                Clear vinyl is often used to cover furniture, with thinner gauges ranging from 10 to 20 providing a practical solution for protecting upholstery.

                Other key points to consider:

                • Thinner vinyl is easier to work with for covering furniture while offering sufficient protection.
                • Ensure the vinyl covers fit snugly to prevent dust and dirt from accumulating underneath.

                  1. Clear Stadium Bags

                  Clear vinyl is ideal for creating clear stadium bags, a requirement at many venues for security reasons. Thinner options in the 10 to 18 gauge range are suitable for crafting these bags.

                  Other key points to consider:

                  • Thinner vinyl ensures compliance with stadium regulations while maintaining visibility.
                  • Check stadium policies regarding bag size and design to ensure compliance.

                    1. Bag Liners and Purses

                    Clear vinyl is also well-suited for crafting bag liners and purses. Thinner gauges in the 10 to 18 range are suitable for these applications.

                    Other key points to consider:

                    • The choice of gauge depends on the desired flexibility and durability for the specific bag or purse project.
                    • Reinforce seams and edges for added strength in bag and purse construction.
                    Chicken Coop Clear Vinyl Enclosure
                      1. Pet Doors and Chicken Coops

                      Clear vinyl's durability makes it a popular choice for pet doors and chicken coops. The thickest 80-gauge clear vinyl is the preferred option for ensuring durability and strength in these applications.

                      Other key points to consider:

                      • Thick gauges like 80 provide long-lasting protection and resistance to wear and tear in pet doors and chicken coops.
                      • Regular cleaning and maintenance are essential for pet doors and coop hygiene.

                      In conclusion, clear vinyl stands as a versatile material, offering transparency, durability, and flexibility to a wide array of projects. The choice of the right thickness is key to ensuring optimal performance in each application, whether it's for marine windows, porch enclosures, safety barriers, or countless other uses. At Marine Vinyl Fabric, we offer 3 different types of Clear Vinyl - Premium Clear Vinyl, Blemished Clear Vinyl and Regular Clear Vinyl Rolls.


                      By understanding the specific requirements of your project and selecting the appropriate gauge, you can harness the full potential of clear vinyl. Its adaptability and reliability make it an invaluable resource, enabling you to see clearly, protect effectively, and craft with precision. So, whether you're enclosing a boat, enhancing your home, or embarking on a creative endeavor, clear vinyl is your go-to solution for bringing your vision to life

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