Marine Vinyl Fabric

We carry a large variety of Marine Grade Vinyl Fabrics. This material is perfect for Auto/Boat Upholstery, Indoor/Outdoor Furniture, Golf Carts, RV Skirting, Bar Stools, Restaurant Booths, Purses, Costumes, Embroidery, Gloves, Jackets and so much more. Now you can easily conquer any DIY project. This marine vinyl is commercial grade, but is available to everyone. It's easy to find the perfect marine vinyl. All you need to do is Click - Pick and Pay! Pick from our most popular colors of marine vinyl fabric to make your perfect creation.

We don't simply sell Marine Vinyl Fabric we are passionate about it, and we want to offer you the best quality Marine Vinyl at incredible prices.

In order to bring you the best product at the best prices we visited dozens of Marine Vinyl manufactures across the world. We are constantly creating close partnerships with our vendors to get the best pricing possible. We than turn around and pass those savings to you.

We have put our products through rigorous testing to ensure it is built to last. At we continuously tweak our formula to ensure it is the best in the world. We test our marine vinyl in both harsh elements and in science labs to ensure it will pass the needed tests. 

Free Samples

We also understand the need to see and feel the vinyl before you purchase it. This is why we offer Free Samples. We know that buying anything online can be tricky as you never know what to expect once it arrives. We eliminate all the worry and hassle by offering free samples. Match up colors easily. Tug on it for yourself to feel the durability.

Discount Marine Vinyl

Our Flexa Marine Vinyl Fabric is purchased directly from the factory eliminating the additional costs of a distributor. Every chance we get we pass those savings on to you! You win with great quality material at an affordable price and we win with happy customers. With our state of the art warehouse we ship our Marine Upholstery directly to you making your shopping process simple and easy. There is a reason our tagline is "Fabric At Your Finger Tips".  

Support Marine Conservation 

Thanks to you we have been able to donate a lot of money to help marine conservation. We understand that every day marine animals are threatened by our trash, habitat destruction and our general carelessness. This is why we feel it is our job to give back to the wonderful world of nature that we all explore daily. Thanks to you we have been able to support the Marine Conservation Institute, The Marine Mammal Center, Marine Conservation Society and many other wonderful organizations. 

Around the Color Wheel

Our selection of Marine Vinyl goes all around the color wheel. Our vibrant colors will take your head for a spin. From bright red, marmalade orange to navy blue we have just the color for you. If for some reason you don't find the color you need on our color wheel please let us know. We are constantly trying to ensure we have the best selection possible.

If you have questions please use our information pages and blog posts to learn more about our Marine Upholstery Fabrics.  We love answering questions. Our sales force is very knowledgeable and will be happy to help you find the right product for your individual needs.  Feel free to send us a message or give us a call at (312) 300-6737