The 3 Best Boat Flooring Options You Should Know

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The 3 Best Boat Flooring Options You Should Know


Are you trying to pick out the best boat flooring? You probably don’t know where to start and don’t know what to look for when it comes to top boat flooring. Let us assure you, that you're not alone!

The fact is there are simply too many varieties out there and that makes it even more confusing. So without any further do, let's go over some of the best and most common types of boat flooring options.

It’s important to make sure that you get the right flooring put in place, based on what you need. We’ll walk you through some of the important pieces to look for in boat flooring, and then give you three great recommendations. 

5 Things To Look For in Boat Flooring

Before we dive deeper into different flooring options, let's look at the foundational level flooring options to look for when it comes to investing in boat flooring. Here are the top 5 picks:

Traction is an important aspect to consider for boat flooring. Depending on what you’re using your boat for, having the ability to stabilize yourself can be crucial.

Most people are frequently barefoot when walking around their boat. If that’s the case for you, then having flooring that’s comfortable to walk on is something to consider.


No matter how you use your boat, durability is always going to be important. You want boat flooring that will last a long period and can handle all weather conditions.

Do you need water resistant boat flooring? Not all boat flooring is water-resistant. If the boat floors are going to get wet frequently, it’ll be important to choose a good water-resistant option for your boat flooring.

Many boat owners care about the style of their flooring. While this doesn’t have as much of an impact on the function of the flooring, It's worth considering the style aspect as well.


3 Best Types of Boat Flooring Options

3 Best Types of Boat Flooring Options

1. Woven Vinyl Marine Flooring

Woven vinyl marine flooring is an awesome option for both indoor and outdoor flooring for your boat. It’s typically going to be slip-resistant which is helpful to be sure that you’re getting the traction you need. 

Boat Flooring

Our flagship product Flexa is a woven boat flooring with cushion felt backing is a great option and we would definitely recommend using it for your boat flooring.

  • Traction - This boat flooring is specifically slip-resistant, which means it will provide some good traction.
  • Comfort - You can get this woven vinyl flooring in four different thicknesses. The thicker you get it, typically the more comfortable it will be to walk on.
  • Durability - This is also a great option when it comes to durability. Again, the thicker the backing you get, the more durable the flooring will be.
  • Water-resistant - Our woven vinyl flooring isn’t entirely waterproof, however it does a good job of allowing water to flow through and dry up like any other outdoor marine carpeting.
  • Style - We offer 99 different styles of woven flexa boat flooring. This includes many different colors to choose from, along with four different backings.

Woven Vinyl Marine Flooring Summary

This flooring checks just about all of the boxes for being a great option for your boat flooring needs. This is the ultimate boat flooring, and we would highly recommend using it for your own boat.

2. Marideck Vinyl Marine Flooring

Our Marideck marine flooring is a stylish flooring option that’s specifically built for the outdoors. It has some great traction and is extremely easy to clean up any spills or messes that might occur on the boat.


If you’re going for style, traction, and water resistance, the marideck vinyl flooring is going to be a good option. 

  • Traction - You won’t have to worry about traction with this marine flooring. This flooring is slip-resistant and will allow for some great traction.
  • Comfort - While this flooring isn’t specifically known for its comfort, it’s very high quality flooring, and you’ll certainly be comfortable walking around the boat. 
  • Durability - The durability of the marideck flooring is a highlight of the flooring. Any spills on the flooring will be a non-issue. It’s extremely easy to clean-up, and does great in all weather conditions.
  • Water-resistant - This flooring is water resistant, and will keep you and your boat safe in slippery conditions. This is a big benefit of the flooring, and something that shouldn’t be overlooked.
  • Style - Our marideck marine flooring is known for being stylish. If style is what you’re going for, then this will be a great option for you. We offer over 20 different styles to choose from to ramp up the style of your boat.

Marideck Vinyl Marine Flooring Summary

This is another awesome flooring option for your boat. It hits all of the main pieces you could look for in marine flooring. The ease of cleaning this flooring makes it an attractive option as well.

If you’re looking for Style, durability, and traction, then this flooring will be a great option for your boat.

3. Marine Carpet Flooring

Marine carpet flooring is another very popular boat flooring option. Marine carpet flooring is similar to carpet found inside homes, however it’s typically going to be more durable. This is necessary to be sure it can handle the weather conditions that might present itself on the boat.

Using carpet for your marine flooring is typically going to be soft and inexpensive, but it doesn’t provide quite as many benefits as some of the vinyl options that we offer. 

  • Traction - Marine carpet is typically going to have pretty solid traction. When the boat is moving, or when you are moving around, you should have some good traction and be kept safe from slipping.
  • Comfort - Carpet is typically going to be a safe option when it comes to comfort. Most marine carpet is soft and comfortable to walk on. 
  • Durability - Durability can sometimes be a concern for marine carpet. It usually doesn’t handle rough weather conditions too well, especially when you’re using it for your outdoor flooring. This is something that’s important to consider for your boat flooring.
  • Water-resistant - Marine carpet is not going to be waterproof or too water resistant. It’s typically going to soak up water and moisture, which can sometimes be a concern for marine flooring.
  • Style - Depending on where you get your marine carpet from, there are usually many different styles to choose from. Since marine carpet is so common, there are a lot of options out there.

Marine Carpet Flooring Summary

Using carpet for boat flooring is a very common choice. The two biggest reasons are because it is comfortable and relatively inexpensive.

The traction and comfort are two highlights of marine carpet, however it does lack in the areas of durability and water-resistance. It will be important to determine where your priorities are to figure out if carpet is a good option for your boat flooring, or if the cons will be a deal breaker.


Here’s what we’d recommend based on your priorities:


If traction is your main priority, then all three of these flooring options will work out great.


If comfort is your main priority, then we’d recommend:


If durability is your main priority, then we’d recommend: 


If water-resistance is your main priority, then we’d recommend: 


If style is your main priority, then all three of these flooring options will work out great. There are a lot of awesome styles to choose from with all of these options.


If price is your main priority, then we’d recommend:

  • Carpet marine flooring

Quick Recap of Boat Flooring Options

Here are the three different boat flooring options that we went over:

  1. Woven vinyl marine flooring
  2. Marideck marine flooring
  3. Carpet marine flooring

All of these flooring options that we discussed could be a great choice for your marine flooring. It’s all about figuring out which pieces are important for you and your boat and choosing the right option based on your needs. If you need any further assistance in picking out the best flooring, do not hesitate to contact our expert team will help you find the right one.
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