Marine Vinyl Cosplay Costumes

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Marine Vinyl Cosplay Costumes

Marine Vinyl is a very versatile material. Most people associate marine vinyl with boats, cars and upholstery, but there are many surprising uses for this extremely durable material. Some people make purses while others make belts. Now let’s focus in on a group of incredibly talented people that are usually ignored or thought of as a bit odd. These super fans love Cosplay and dressing up as their favorite characters. These folks put your typical Halloween costume to shame. These are real artists with real skills and attend events all year round to show off their talent.

This group is not small and Cosplay popularity has started to boom in the last 5 years. Check out this graph showing the rapid growth of Cosplay in the United States.

Now let’s take a moment to showcase some amazing work that is usually overlooked as many of these amazing costumes are made from Marine Vinyl. Cosplayers everywhere love Marine Vinyl for multiple reasons. It’s affordable, durable and provides the perfect leathery look that is needed for most costumes. We had an opportunity to talk to award winning costume designer Dan Wheaton. Dan makes costumes as a hobby, but his passion shines through in each of his costumes.

Dan has made 10 costumes in the last 3 years. He has attended 6 comic con conventions in 4 states. Dan’s passion is really driven by his love for comics and the community that thrives around super heroes and villains. Dan described Comic Con as a giant party where everyone is a celebrity. Everyone dresses up and takes pictures with their favorite super heroes like a red carpet event. Dan enjoys hanging out with a group of friends in an uncommon atmosphere while celebrating all things nerdy, in a no judgment zone, all while wearing amazing costumes that show off everyone’s creativity.                                                                                                       

Marine Vinyl Mortal Combat Costume

Cosplay Costume Mortal Combat
When asked about his choice in material Dan first looks at pictures to give him inspiration and than chooses his material based on what will provide the right look and feel as a finished product. Secondly, Dan considers how it will hold up over time (put up for long periods of no use, then weekends of high use in any weather with lots of people and maybe a few too many drinks), and finally Dan looks at price.  

Luckily for Dan and other Cosplayers out there Marine Vinyl is durable, affordable and holds up great over time. The fabric also looks just like leather, making it perfect for most costumes. Tell us what ideas do you have for costumes using Marine Vinyl?

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