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Some people think Marine Vinyl is popular in only warmer states like Florida and California, but people use Marine Vinyl throughout the United States. Marine Vinyl is most commonly used in outdoor furniture, but many people use it to make purses and other art projects. You often sit on it at bars and restaurants. The most common place you will find Marine Vinyl is within Boat Seats.  This graph shows you where in the US people are searching for Boat Seats.     

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So you are here for one of two reasons... You recently got a boat and you want to keep it in great shape or the more likely option is you have some mildew or stained seats and you want to get it clean without damaging your seats. Today is your lucky day as you have come to an expert for advice. Let’s start with prevention. You are probably wondering why outdoor marine grade vinyl would mold in the first place. The vinyl is treated to help prevent mold and mildew. The main characteristic that separates Marine Grade Vinyl and regular...

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